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  • About us

    How we see what we do

    To make the difference, we generate results. We are not aiming for magical solutions nor immediate ones, but for long-term answers. The excellence of our service is our main focus, without negotiating our values or our ethical, professional and legal parameters.
    Counting on our executive experience, we work together with our clients and provide special attention to their confidentiality and company perpetuity. We believe in uniting our expertise with the experienced professionals that we advise - looking ahead to reach applicable solutions that can guarantee our common goals in a transparent, solid and effective way.
    Headquartered in São Paulo-Brazil, Sagaz uses its large international network coupled with its business partnerships to offer the best solutions at the current moment, while constructing for the future. Our success is measured by the achievement of our client's dreams.

  • Executives


      48 years and 30 years of experience.
      Sagaz Director with a professional experience in Financial Market, Corporate Finance and Operational Process Projects and M&A, working in companies such as PWC, Arthur Andersen, Rabobank International, Barclays Bank, American Express, Microsoft, TBG, Renoir, Highland and Cassis Group. Developed projects in companies such as Andrade Gutierrez, Klabin, Melitta, CBMM, Riber Sementes, Owens Illinois, besides others. MBA in M&A through AMAA/Pepperdine University, General Management by Universidad Navarra – Barcelona and Project Management by FIA-SP. Carlos is a CMAA (Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor), with bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration, Economics and Mathematics. Speaker for Economics and Finance in Brazil, Unites States, Germany and UK, for institutions such as Grant Thornton, ABVCAP, Fundação Dom Cabral, Carlos is fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian.

    • Antonio Carvalho dos Reis

      71 years and 54 years of experience.
      Specialist in projects related to Corporate Turnaround, Administration, Auditing, Controllership, being an active participant in the M&A transactions of Hershey (USA), Barilla (Italy) and Danone (France).
      Acted as director of several companies such as Bimbo do Brasil, Bunge Brasil and Philips do Brasil. His experience was granted through 28 years in Bunge Group and them 8 years at Bimbo.
      Accountant and Business Administrator, with specialization in Controllership by Universidade São Judas.
      Antonio is fluent in portuguese and spanish.


      72 years, 54 years of experience.
      Worked for 32 years at Bunge Group, where he became Wheat Division General Manager and CEO of a sort of companies in the group such as Petybon (joint venture with Hershey Foods - USA), Barilla - Santista (joint venture with Barilla s.p.A – Itália) and Pullman Alimentos. Was also Vice-President of General Biscuit do Brasil S. A. (joint venture between Bunge and Danone). By 1998 was invited by Grupo Bimbo (Mexican multinational, largest bakery company in the world to be the head of the Brazilian operation, where he stayed until 2009. During his career he developed a strong expertise in business strategy and commercial aspects. Has a graduation as an Electronic Engineer, with specialization in Business Administration. Participated in the "Program for Senior Executives" at M. I. T.
      Roberto is fluent in portuguese, english and spanish.

    • Odair Livio

      61 years old and 47 of professional experience, being 27 years at Grupo Bunge, achieving Senior Director positions. Founding partner of Livio & Associados, advisory company focused in Controllership, Costs and Budget, acted in companies such as Bimbo do Brasil Ltda., Maxfood Alimentos Ltda, MRTG Industrial e Comercial Ltda, Condigy Componentes Eletrônicos, ABPL – Altamiro Borges Planejamento e Logística. Took part of several M&A transactions when acting at Grupo Bunge and Bimbo. Business Administrator graduated by Universidade de São Caetano do Sul; also MBA in Management by Fundação Getúlio Vargas and several courses at CEAPOG – Centro de Estudos e Aperfeiçoamento.

    • Salvatore Bonanno

      70 years old and 48 years of professional experience, being 32 working at Grupo Bunge and 12 at Grupo Bimbo, as Accountancy General Manager. Founding partner of Bonanno Assessoria e Consultoria Empresarial , dedicated to accountancies and fiscal practices. Technicians in Accountancies and Business Administrator by ESAN - Escola Superior de Administração e Negócios. Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

  • Together aiming your triumph


    Specialists generate more qualified and tailor-made solutions for our clients. Our answers are not traditional or copied out of a textbook, but designed on a case by case basis from moment to moment.


    Side by side with the executives that hires us, we analyse, reflect and implement strong and sustainable strategies.


    We seek the help of qualified professionals to support us in making decisions. Not just humility, good sense coupled with responsibility is what moves us to ensure quality, to your satisfaction.

  • advisory

    Management and Strategic Planning

    Financial and Economic analysis of company status quo
    Industrial and market analysis
    Proposition of a Turnaround plan
    Implementation of the Turnaround Plan, helping negotiations with creditors, suppliers and financial institutions

    Judicial Recovery

    Definition of a Judicial Recovery Plan
    Negotiation with creditors assembly
    Negotiation with financial institutions, suppliers and unions
    Recovery plan implementation

  • Accounting

    • Accounting Routines

      Bookkeeping and SPED;
      Accounting adapted to international accounting standards;
      Calculation of the results monthly or quarterly;
      Presentation of Balance, Balance Sheet and Management Reports;
      Statement of Corporate Income Tax, both for companies opting for Profit Real, Simples nacional and assumed profit;
      Control and Management of Assets Fixed assets with management reports;
      Attend inspections and external and internal audits;
      Receipts Input, Output and Services;
      Determination of ICMS, IPI Inventory (Stock) and fiscal documents;
      Monitoring and Clarification on the Law of the ECF (Emitter Fiscal Coupon) ;
      Survey of the GST Credits inappropriate;
      Complete Bookkeeping for Data Processing and SPED;
      Statement of Federal and State debts and issuance of guides, ICMS, DARFs, GIA and ISS;
      Process transfer of accumulated credits;
      Monitoring Surveillance Federal, State and Municipal.

    • Fiscal Routines

      Calculation of taxes: Income Tax / Social Security / FGTS / SEFIP / Labor Contributions / Assistance and confederative / PIS, with print collection of guides;
      Follow the conventions, agreements and collective bargaining work in various categories;
      Preparation and submission of tax returns and social security, such as: DIRF / Reports Income / CAGED;
      Guidance on mandatory and optional benefits;
      Attendance in approvals by the union DRT or class union;
      Care for inspections, subpoenas and notices.

    • Labor Routines

      13th Salary;
      Collective bargaining;
      Processing Payroll.

    • Legal Routines

      Records before the JUCESP, IRS, City Halls, State, Social Security, CEF;
      Negative certificates of taxes and contributions of any kind;
      Getting SICAF – Registration System and Federal monitoring of salary certificates;
      Digital Certification: help in obtaining the certified standard ICP-Brazil;
      Capital registration with the Central Bank;
      Administrative proceedings under the Internal Revenue Service and the Attorney-General of the National PGFN;
      Care for inspections, subpoenas and notices.

  • Corporate finance


    Sell or Buy Side
    Definition of the target company
    Financial and economic analysis of the target company
    Market Analysis
    Due Diligence
    Financial and corporate structure of the deal

    Funding and Structured Operations

    Economic and financial investment analysis, cash flow and funding needs
    Funding procurement

  • OUtsourcing


    Accounts payable, Receivables and Treasury ;
    Definition of Cash Flow Parameters ;
    Accounting, tax, budgets, costs and treasury departments mapping;
    Definitions of improvement plans.

    Corporate Governance

    Definition and implementation of Administrative, Fiscal and Auditing Boards;
    Participation as Board Members.

  • Cases Overview

    • Frangosul

      Poultry Company - Advisory on the sell-side for French Group.

      H Quintas

      Hardware Company - Analysis and turnaround planning in commercial, administrative and financial departments.

    • Laminato Vidros

      Industrial Glasses Company - Judicial Plan elaboration.

      Betel Química

      Chemical Company - Judicial Plan elaboration.

    • Riber Sementes

      Seeds Company - Sell-side advisory to a german group in the prospection, market and valuation analysis and negotiation.

      Rabobank Brasil

      Fruit Market analysis in the region of São Francisco River.

    • Panifício Laura, Firenze e Nutrella

      Bakery Companies - Buy-side Advisory for Grupo Bimbo México when acquiring the companies in Brazil.

      Plus Vita

      Bakery Company - Buy-side advisory for Grupo Bunge when acquiring the company in Brazil.

    • Petybon

      Pasta and Biscuits Company - Buy-side advisory for Grupo Bunge when acquiring the company in Brazil.


      Mattress Company - Due diligence.

    • Cooxupé, Coocacer e Coamo

      Agricultural cooperatives - Administrative and financial turnaround.


      Petrochemical Company - Sell-side advisory for a Japanese group that owned 20% of the company.

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    São Paulo SP Brasil

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    E-mail: sagaz@sagazbrazil.com

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